Yoga, Kinetics & Mindful Movement

Meditating in a relaxed, seated position

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While so many people are currently confined to their homes, let’s try to find moments to see this as an opportunity to grow and build from the inside out. Let’s focus on what is closest to us and within us, letting the energy of our fear and frustration transform into motivation, and a drive to do and be better.

There’s a lot of different terminology that describes what I do. “Yoga” is the big word for it, I guess. It’s also known as “mindful movement” or “moving meditation.”

What is “Kinetics?”

“Kinetics” is a physics term. It’s definition is “the study of forces acting on mechanisms.” Essentially, it’s the study on the energies that cause reactions. Through college, I loved the anatomy & physiology courses that I took. I was fascinated by the biochemistry of how energy is created, stored, and utilized within the body. Those courses all fed into my obsession with kinesiology.

  • Anatomy is a study of the structures of the body.
  • Physiology is a study of how those structures move
  • Kinesiology* is a study of the energetic forces that cause the movement of bodily structures.

*Specifically as it relates to the body, but the umbrella term does also pertain in other ways to inanimate objects.

What is a “Yogic Practice?”

Most people have somewhat of a general idea of what yoga is. People know about asanas – the poses that we put the body in. They may also understand the inclusion of meditation and breathing exercises, but a true yogic practice seeps through all aspects of one’s life, even when stepping away from the mat. We should be able to practice our patience, for example, just as well in congested traffic as when we are holding a difficult pose for a period of time.

While on the mat, we put ourselves in a place of minor and controlled stress, the same way firefighters often train using small, predictable, intentionally-created flames. We increase our tolerance in this way. Once we understand the most basic fundamentals of a skill we are attempting to form, nuance and variation from the familiar are somewhat less intimidating.

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